1. Stand on your side of the table with the ball in your non-racket hand.
2. Place the ball in the center of an open and flat palm.
3. Be sure your hand is higher than the table surface and behind your end line.
4. Keep both the racket and ball above the table’s surface at all times during the serve.
5. Toss the ball upward a minimum of six inches.
6. Make contact on the descent.
7. The ball must land on your side of the table first, then your opponent’s.
8. If the ball touches the top of the net on its way over, the ball is re-served.
9. The ball can be served anywhere, any angle and long or short.

1. Short serves are most common at the pro level.
2. Keep you wrist loose and relaxed for maximum spin.
3. Instead of trying to ace your opponent, your serve should set up your next shot.
4. Watch better players serve to pick up some of their secrets.

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